I have always been attracted to Colour from a very young age and things have not changed! I appreciate Colour everywhere; whether it’s the colours in a field on a weekend walk, the colours in view on a random car journey or even the colours you are met with on a patisserie shelf (especially a French one…). I think that Colour brings a great deal of pleasure to people.  Styling gives me the perfect platform to introduce colours to people, whether it is through their clothes or their interiors.

It was an obvious choice for me to begin working in the Image Industry over 15 years ago, as anything remotely connected to image and all things pretty were always of interest to me.  I have memories of trying to dress my Mum in “Dallas/Dynasty” style as young as 4! At the age of 9, I was desperate to learn how to help people find their best colours through Colour Analysis. It was a bit later (aged 20) and through my interest in Colour that I naturally discovered Styling in a larger sense. Since then I have been hooked on the whole makeover process!

As you can sense I love to Style and I am looking forward to sharing my passion with you.

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